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Snapshot: Plastic Beach

Guest post by Judith Selby and Richard Lang Judith Selby and Richard Lang are artists who collaborate in an ongoing project to collect plastic along Kehoe Beach in the Point Reyes National Seashore. They also recount their adventures in Plastic Forever, the blog they jointly manage.… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Plastic Beach”

Snapshot: Do You Speak Envhist?

Should professional historians maintain their independence and objectivity as researchers, or should they address the social use of their field? Are there fundamental conflicts between the two? Do environmental or ecological historians need to become more useful and practical in addressing such global problems… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Do You Speak Envhist?”

Snapshot: Permaculture – Alternative Agriculture, part 3

Last year, students of the RCC Environmental Studies Certificate Program had the opportunity to attend a three-day workshop with Jochen Koller, Diploma Permaculture-Designer and Director of the Forschungsinstitut für Permakultur und Transition (FIPT). Students gained an insight into the ethics and design principles of permaculture,… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Permaculture – Alternative Agriculture, part 3”

Snapshot: Start with a Bang

For many, a New Year celebration would not be the same without fireworks. But have you ever noticed what happens to all that leftover packaging wrapped around the rockets and bangers? It seems that an awful lot falls to the floor and gets swept up… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Start with a Bang”

Snapshot: Latour de Force

*Featured image: Bruno Latour speaking at the Lunchtime Colloquium, 8 December 2016. What does it mean to be human in the Anthropocene? Put simply, we are disoriented: disoriented in space—aware that despite a united vision for the planet, no single space exists to accommodate… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Latour de Force”

Snapshot: Human Evolution Workshop

By Christian Schnurr The evolution of the genus Homo was influenced in part by the landscape in which early hominins lived. Important archaeological sites are often located in areas with very rough terrain and a rich supply of nutrients and trace elements. These two features… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Human Evolution Workshop”

Snapshot: View from the Top

“Environment and Society Doctoral Students Explore the Bavarian Forest National Park” by Annka Liepold On 4 July 2016 the members of the Doctoral Program Environment and Society took a field trip to the Bavarian Forest National Park. Marco Heurich, deputy head of the Park’s… Continue Reading “Snapshot: View from the Top”

Snapshot: Our Future in the Anthropocene

On 15 September the Deutsches Museum hosted a Zukunftskongress (Future Congress) together with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the Club of Rome; the event brought together international visionaries, experts, and activists to discuss ways to tackle problems such as… Continue Reading “Snapshot: Our Future in the Anthropocene”

Snapshot: RCC Olympic Table Tennis

Combining a well deserved break from the computer, green surroundings, and fresh air, some RCC’ers recently held their own table tennis competition! They took advantage of the warm weather and Munich’s outdoor facilities to share in the spirit of the Olympic Games. Thanks to all… Continue Reading “Snapshot: RCC Olympic Table Tennis”

Snapshot: As Far As the Eye Can See

The low-lying islands and shores of Germany’s western coast are as much water as they are land, subject to both frequent storms and the daily ebb and flow of the tides. For humans, living in this landscape means living with the weather: although humans… Continue Reading “Snapshot: As Far As the Eye Can See”